news • Jan 20 2023

New Year, New Talent

In 2022, we continued to innovate the guest experience for clients in health & wellness, hospitality, retail and entertainment. To support our growing portfolio, we also grew our team. And we are thrilled to start off the new year with this passionate, thoughtful and experienced group.

Just a quick glance at the work experience of our new hires and you’ll see a bevy of brand names synonymous with creativity, innovation and best-in-class experiences — Apple, Burberry, Coach, Disney Theme Parks, GAP, Google, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Paramount, Sephora, Sony, SpaceX, Stella McCartney, Sur La Table, Sweetgreen and many more.

As our team grows, we continue to uphold the tenets of Sui Generis (“in a class by itself”). We are born collaborators, working closely with clients and partners to develop a buildout program from ideation to delivery. We are self-motivated problem solvers balancing big ideas with thoughtful execution. At Generis Collective, positivity is valued, imagination is fostered, and initiative is rewarded.

Looking forward to another year of building the future together!

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