news • Apr 26 2023

Creating People-First Spaces By Layering Experiences Over Transactions

Generis Collective is featured on Bisnow this week in an interview about Experiential Design with our Principal & Founder Bob Laughrea, Principal of Project Development David Van Wyk, and Director of Project Development Meghan Sarkozi.


Read on below for some excerpts of the discussion and check out the full article here:

Creating People-First Spaces By Layering Experiences Over Transactions


Bisnow: What does the term “experiential design” mean to you? 

Laughrea: It’s all about prioritizing the human experience. Our projects begin with a core idea that will set a particular space apart. From there, we decide how the space can be activated to stimulate action or emotion from the people using it, and this all happens long before we start discussing architecture.

Sarkozi: We want to create a thoughtful way to engage the public through design while also making the space feel personalized for the individual experiencing it.


Bisnow: What sets the Generis approach apart from other companies? What is your design philosophy? 

Van Wyk: Creativity is at the core of our company. Many of our employees came from Disney or Apple, both creative and iconic companies. That experience has helped us hone our design philosophy, which is to be original and not shy away from complex projects.

Laughrea: What sets us apart is that we don’t work in a vacuum. We curate a team of experts to oversee every part of the project. The best projects are the ones where everyone works together — from designers to architects to engineers — all the way from ideation to implementation.  


Bisnow: Where do you see this trend heading in the future? 

Laughrea: I think it will now be a requirement for most developments. It’s not just about having retail, parking and other transactional elements. There need to be layers on top of that to intertwine all the consumer needs and services under the umbrella of a unique, efficient and thoughtful development.

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