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Creative Amenities in Unusual Places

When it comes to amenities, businesses of all kinds recognize that they need to optimize their methods in order to remain successful. That means providing extensive lifestyle features and services in a variety of different venues, whether it’s hotels, offices, or healthcare sites. 

Simply put, the businesses that treat their customers and employees like vital guests are the ones that will remain successful in the long haul. They recognize the value of pulling from the tremendous achievements of experiential design that have bolstered the retail sector during the tumultuous COVID era, and vow to apply those lessons to the future. Here’s a look at how lifestyle services and amenities have become essential components of almost every industry. 


Hotels go Heavy on Amenities

It used to be that hotels were simply a generic place to rest your head at night when you’re away from home. These days, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The hotel industry has tapped into the experiential marketing world, and realized that what every traveler wants is very personal. By creating dynamic experiences and spaces that hone in on each individual guest’s taste, they’re cultivating relationships with clients. 

For example, the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston recently introduced a luxury dog food menu. While some may see this as outlandish, it’s actually a wise play into the love and devotion that travelers have for their pets. By catering to the animals we adore, they’re also catering to their owners. 

Hotels are also delving into unique programming by offering options like falconry lessons at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, or mixology classes at the Hotel Viking. Not only is this a strong example of experiential marketing’s grasp on the public, but it demonstrates how going the extra mile is an essential component to maintaining a company’s livelihood.


Putting the Work In: Amenities on the Job

Companies are avidly attempting to lure their employees back to the office. But after several years of working remotely, staffers are often hesitant to resume the daily commute to the office and the things that are required, whether it’s finding childcare or paying for gas. As a result, companies have realized they need to do whatever is possible to keep their team members employed and happy. 

At DraftKings, the popular fantasy sports and sports betting company, free onsite parking, free food and beverages, and mother’s rooms are just a few of the amenities that employees enjoy. They also tap into the preferred setup of office spaces, which features open floor plans instead of cubicles. By listening to employees’ preferences, organizations are able to keep them satisfied.

 These are not unfamiliar requests– whether it’s natural light and open green spaces or ergonomic furniture and collaboration rooms, employees have been requesting these things for some time. It’s just that now they have the leverage to actually get them.


Amenities in the Health Field 

Medical facilities aren’t generally known for their desirable aesthetic. However, this focus on amenities and creating an attractive space has become increasingly present in the medical field. 

Consider Tend, the dental facility that pulled  in $37 million in their series B in 2020, expanded rapidly, and now has locations in five states. While they do all the typical dentist work, like fillings and veneers, they’ve also branded themselves “the first dentist you’ll actually look forward to going to.” In fact, when you make an appointment at Tend, the company asks what Netflix shows you want to watch during your visit, what flavor of toothpaste you want your dentist to use, and even what aromatherapy scent you would like pumped into the room, Forbes reports


The world of business is constantly changing and if businesses and organizations want to maintain their client base and have a thriving workplace, they have to provide the goods and services that customers and employees demand. Through partnering with the lessons of experiential marketing, companies have the capability to push boundaries and succeed more than ever in the future.  


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