insight • Sep 02 2021

Connecting Ideas with Experience

Pulling back the curtain here a bit to give you a peek into how we landed on our Generis Collective tagline, “Connecting Ideas with Experience.”

To start, we explored the language that described our three main brand attributes:

  • A Collective Team Creating Collective Experiences
  • Single Point of Contact for End-to-End Process
  • Original Ideas for Visionary Brands

We looked for strong, conceptual, clear and descriptive words that conveyed these attributes and where they might overlap to further distill our Generis Collective offering into a simple statement.


Then, we took those words and concepts and began to develop phrases that built on them. Focusing on strong messages and multi-layered meanings. For example, “Let Experience Lead” both captured the idea of our team’s leadership throughout the development process, as well as how we rely on the experiences we are building to guide our process. Many of these phrases captured some, but not all, of the three brand attributes we wanted to communicate.


But Connecting Ideas with Experience is what finally hit the mark.


This speaks how we at Generis Collective connect a team of people and partners to complete a project. We connect the client with that team, and we connect the initial project vision all the way through to delivery.


Ideas are the genesis of our process – where project goals, design concepts and industry insights meet to inform our overall plan.


And again, the double meaning of experience representing both the acumen and skill of our team and partners, as well the spatial experiences we are creating for our clients.

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